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Been a while

Got a good job, good new car (to me) no payments, nice place, great girl, and a weird sense of unease.

I'm not used to shitty going right

Microphone check

Is this thing still on?

Anyways I am working at a small company as the IT guy. I do all kinds of stuff which is cool. The commute is not fun and I'm going to move into the valley right next to where I work after I get my wisdom teeth out. (oh joy).

I got laid

I got laid.

But not in the good way. I got laid off.

If anyone needs a database code monkey who's good at SQL, ETL, gluing weird stuff together and making custom apis let me know.

it's been a while.

Job is good.

I learned how to make awesome tamales.

I've been taking some awesome photos lately: http://www.flickr.com/photos/planetwrite/sets/

Sadly my camera died tonight. Probably going to be a month or more before I get a nice one to replace the one that croaked.
Class warfare in america has not only begun but is being actively waged against the middle class and poor people.

Begin owner's class messages:

Not only are corporations people, they are better than you. They are even better than all of you combined.

The real owners of you and the rest of the country actually care about this issue so you will take tiered internet and like it. You can't be trusted to view unfiltered information so we will filter your network for you. We must protect you from dangerous terrorist information like wikileaks.

There is nothing you can do. You can't make a difference. Don't pay attention and don't bother to vote. Here's dancing with the stars, american idol and E! tonight.

:end owner's class messages

Consolidated media ownership and backroom lobbying will ensure that the power of the owner class is not hampered in any way. The internet scares the owners because it is a source of information they don't control. They will do everything they can to spin news to clamp down on that freedom of information.

There is almost no difference between the two parties as far as the owner class is concerned but to the little people their is a huge difference. Smoke an mirrors prevail in D.C. and much noise is fabricated about either unimportant things or things that don't mean as much.

The real reason Acorn was taken out, shamed and shut down was because they were getting poor people to vote. That and along with a really educated populace who have great problem solving and reasoning skills scares the owner class shitless.

If you want to join the class war against the owner class promote the internet, continuing education, libraries and poor people voter registration programs. That will do far more damage to the machine than spray painting the anarchy symbol on shit.
ramblings about gold fever..
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Made it home safe and sound

From the road trip.

I missed the concert because my car's clutch/and or transmission puked on me right as I was getting home.

It lasted for a long road trip and got me almost home okay so the little beater is a good one. I'm going to replace the clutch myself and if it needs a transmission I'll replace that too.

Just had a silly but footloose fun Idea.

I just had an idea for a kickstarter project. It involves stuff I love and would take a year.

I'm going to do more research and I'll keep peeps posted.
What "the establishment" means to me is the shiny happy people who buy into or co-op society's lies and try to live up to them.

The lie that your kids will have it better off than you.
The lie that if you are smart and work hard you can make it in america.
The lie that if you give up more freedoms you will be safer.
The communal lie that nothing happened before Monday morning.
The lie that the rest of the world doesn't count.
The lie that a religious faith based society is fair and just.
The lie that puritanical americans are free.
The lie that you must consume things to be happy.
The lie that our way is the only way.
The lie that the police always do the right thing.
The lie that authority figures always do the right thing.
The lie that because you repeat something often enough it becomes true.
The lie that the average worker gives a shit about wall street.
The lie that owning a house is the sure path to financial success.
The lie that you can work your way through a 4 year degree.

I'm not bitter it's just that so much of society's communal dreams are communal lies right now.

Celebratory happy dance.

Because I have a job.

I start monday and have to actually get my booty up in the morning instead of waking up whenever I want to. It's okay though. I'm making them pay for it.

only took about 470 job applications... and I was hired at the end of the first interview.